A weekend in Leuven in pictures

Jan went to buy a bigger bike for Kabouter and I went to meet them on their way back in the nearby park. We watched a BMX contest for a while at the skatepark in the ice cold wind. Kabouter is still a bit intimidated by his new bigger heavier bike where he needs to learn to find the balance himself. With a lot of encouragement he tried it again for a minute , only to search his old easy small bike again afterwards.  It'll take some time but I'm sure he'll learn to love his new bike when he masters his balance skills more. 

In the afternoon we went downtown and pleased Kabouter by taking a complete unnecessary short bustrip to get there. Some walking and shopping downtown ended with a nice break in our favourite pub restaurant downtown at the Museum where Kabouter placed his regular order "a pancake please".

Sunday's weather was even colder and darker. Jan and some of his friends had subscribed to participate in a charity walk event against cancer in order to honor a friend who has passed away recently and who was going to walk there to raise money. So they replaced him.  It took place at the nearby army base. I joined for a short bit but returned quickly home with Beertje to take care of him in the warmth. Gosh, it even snowed at one point! Yikes.

In the afternoon we went to the open door weekend of the regional police station in our neighborhood.  There were a lot of events for young and old and a lot of people had turned up. We watched the demonstration of the police dogs for a while eg an exercise how to immobilize a hooligan on top of a car.    Hmm impressive, I'll better behave when I'm in town ;) .  We strolled along the cars, moto's and displays and got in line to receive a balloon.
Back outside, on our way to the kid's traffic park, we got hit by a big hail storm which made Kabouter's balloon fly away.  After a successful chase by myself, I hugged the balloon very hard and we rushed back home to take off our soaked clothes and to defrost our cold hands. Brrrr


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