Kabouter conversations - April 2016

  • K: "Platte buik" (flat belly/stomach)
    G: "Wie heeft een platte buik?" (who has a flat belly?)
    K: "Mamaaa, baby uit a buik"

    (haha, he's well trained what to say to new mommy's :D )

  • K: "Pizzaaaaa pizzaaaa  yippeee"
    (while some big boxes with online ordered pampers are delivered at the door)

  • (I'm doing some ordinary household chores)
    K: "Jaaaaa mama, goed gedaan mama, dank je mama"
    (well done mommy, thank you mommy).

  • "Ms Elke is een meisje.....mama is ook een meisje.....mama is niet jongen.
    Yasmina een jongen???"

    (months after he learned the concept of boys and girls it's still interesting to inventorise everybody regularly into boy or girls. It structures the world, I guess).

  • The pharmacist asks Kabouter how his little brother is doing
    K: "Beertje moet protjes laten"   (Beertje has to fart)

  • Kabouter and daddy have been baking pancakes for breakfast together. Kabouter claims all of them are for himself.  While I'm on the sofa feeding Beertje, he comes to announce

    K: "Kabouter 1 pannekoek niet gegeten.   Nenoeg." (I didn't eat 1 pancake, enough)
    G: "Ooooh is that last pancake for mommy? Yippee"
    J: "ah no, daddy ate that last pancake, they are all gone"
    G: "Papa nog pannekoek bakken voor de mama, kom"   (daddy has to bake nother pancake for mommy, come on)

  • K: "Beertje heeft pipi gedaan in de pamper?? Dat is niet flink"    (now that he's pottytrained, it's confusing that his little brother may still pee in the pamper.  the 'dat is niet flink' is accompanied with a pointing finger.  He didn't learn this sentence from us.)

  • G: "Come on Kabouter, let's go upstairs to brush our teeth"
    K: "ik ben nog bezig mama, nog niet klaar"

    (I'm still busy momma, I'm not ready yet)

  • Conversation snips on our walk to and from school:

    K: "Kijjjjjjk!    Een dikke duif op het dak"
    (this kid sees everything, including a fat pigeon on the roof)

    K: "Lange bus vuil. Die in modder gereden"
    G: "Oei is de bus vuil? Wie gaat die wassen? Gaat de buschauffeur die wassen?"
    K: "Neeee"
    G: "Oh, wie gaat dan de bus wassen?"
    K: "Meneeer"

    K: "Winkel is open!!! Die is niet toe meer" 

  • K: "Beertje heeft geen tandjes. Kan niet eten nog." (Beertje has no teeth, he cannot eat yet)

  • G: "Mommy is first going to do this.... then that...then we'll do that"
    K: "Goed plan mama"

  • (he takes a bite out of my pastry)
    K: "ikke mamakoek ook geproefd"
It's also very cute how he tries to conjugate verbs. Unfortunately the most common verbs in Dutch are irregular while he tries to apply a regular conjugation
"Ik heb beker helemaal opgedrinkt"
"Mama heeft vleesje gesnijden"


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