Kabouter conversations - March 2016

  • M: "Come Kabouter, we'll go and have a nap now"
    K: "Niet donker" (it's not dark)

  • K: "Look mommy, sugar"   (while pointing to Beertje's dry feet)

  • J:  "Please turn off the video on the computer.  I'll count to 3"
    J: "3....."
    J: "2..."

    Kabouter  pauzes the youtube film and watches us with a huge grin on his face
    J: "1.  Thank you very much"
    K switches the video back on with a big grin
    J: "No Kabouter turn it off"
    K: "One more time daddy, 1 time"

    (heeeeelllp, my toddler starts to negotiate)

  • Kijk een slagboom ( a (railroad) barrier) :  he points to red/white ribbons that are protecting a bit of newly sown grass.

  • A lorry tries to turn in a U-curve but on the other side a cherry picker truck is blocking its way.

    G: "Oh the truck said tooot toot.  It can't turn"
    At this point the cherry picker truck leaves
    K: "Bravooo kraan, goed gedaan kraan"  (bravoo, well done crane)

  • K: "Oooooh kijk, paaslelietjes"  (look daffodils)
    G: "Yes, here too, lots of them"
    K: "Ja naast de plas, mama mag niet opstappen, mag niet"  (yes next to that puddle, mommy cannot step onto, is not allowed"

  • K: "Kijk winkel op tv,  blauwe winkel!!!"

    (the mascotte of the Carrefour hypermarket was in a tv commercial. Gosh, this kid recognises way too much). 

  • K: "Ikke uit, ikke uuuuiiiiit "  (he is whining to get out of his high chair)
    G: "how do you ask that more nicely?"
    K: "More nicely"

  • K: "pipi in het potje !!!"  (pee in the potty)
    J: "super and where will we do it now?"
    K: "in het mama toilet!!!"

    (not sure where I got the honor from to have a toilet for me)

  • He had a little paper in his hand in the maternity and some of the visitors told him he could throw it in the waste bin.
    K: "niet gooien!"  (don't throw things)

    (of course at this point he remembered we tell him a 1000 times not to throw things.  But when convenient he doesn't know that rule anymore)

  • Kabouter is watching through the window and sees Jan's car parked outside in front of our house.
    K: "auto papa...kijk auto papa buiten!"  (look car daddy outside  , not inside)
    K: "auto niet binnen"
    J: "No the car can't come inside, there is no room"
    K:" auto mag niet in huisje"

  • We are at breakfast and he sees a bird flying outside.
    K: "A-end buiten."  (an eagle outside)
    G: "Is there an eagle, really? wow, did you see that?"
    K: "Jaaa, a-end daar"

    (wow! I'll have to notify the environmentalists to let them know there's eagles flying over Leuven)
    K: "oooh, a-end roept  ...kom a-end"
  • During our walk:
    K: "Kijk, paardjes daar"  (look horses there)
    J: "Waar? "
    K: "Daar"
    J: "Waar zijn ze, papa ziet ze niet "  (where are they, daddy doesn't see them)
    K: "Hier papa"
    J: "Hier of daar"  (here or there?)
    K: "Jaaaaa"
  • Still on our walk
    K: "Kabouter pannekoeke eten"  (he's going to eat pancakes)
    G: "We hebben hier geen pannekoeken. " (we don't have pancakes here)
    K: "Mama in a winkel hale in de Ardennen. Kom mama"  (mama has to get them in the store in the Ardennes)

    (there is a solution to each problem)


yab said…
Hahaha, ja dat gooien-incident was kostelijk. :-)

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