A train ride to visit granddad in the hospital!

After a few visits last week, where I got stuck in traffic jams around Brussels every single time, we decided to go and visit my dad by train this weekend.   Knowing that Kabouter is a huge train fan, we'd give him a very fun excursion and I'd have some more time to relax. And I could feed Beertje on the train ride if needed. 

We were a bit early in the train station (well, there wasn't a train leaving right away so we had to wait) and we went to buy something in the Starbucks. The poor little man thought we had changed our minds and that we weren't going to make a train trip anymore.   Sob sob sob.  But fortunately after 15 min our train arrived and we were off, with a lot of hello's and waving to the other passengers.


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