Dirty hands

The last 2 summers the flower pots on our garden cabinets remained a good intention to fill "next week".  I felt so embarrassed last fall when my neighbour casually asked during a conversation about gardens and renovations , "ah this summer you didn't put anything in there, right, or did I miss that? ".

But this year I'd do better. While I'm spending a few months at home with Beertje on maternity leave, it would be nice to get some flowers in my view out of the window. So I had planned a few weeks ago to go to the garden stores, when we got an invitation for the flower sale done by Kabouter's school. Ha, nice, right timing and much easier.

So last Friday we got to pick up our flowers at school (hence we had to drive to school the full 800m , how ridiculous that felt) and then I could start potting them with a little help from Kabouter when he woke up from his nap again.  The speed of potting got drastically reduced as soon as he was "helping" but hey, I think it's educational to get him to help me.   While we were at it, we bought him some strawberry plant to take care of.

And now I can't wait until the lavender on the wall will start blooming. Yeaay.


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