Neighbourhood party in downtown Heverlee

I don't know why but we haven't had much energy and motivation to drive to the Ardennes lately. The fact that it was lousy wet and cold weather the previous weekends didn't help, neither did our fatigue. Also this week we had so much on our mind that it felt nice to just stick around. We might regret that later on as it isn't that often that we have a few sequential weekends in our agenda without plans, but hey,  oh well.

The great thing of having no plans is that you might pick up things that all of a sudden pop-up in your attention span.  And so somehow Jan had seen somewhere the announcement of a neighbourhood party downtown our part of Leuven.  It seemed nice enough to go their for a stroll and check it out and Kabouter's friend's family joined us.

Near the very nice permanent playground, there were multiple tents with drinks & pancakes for sale, a huge tent in which child make-up was organised and later on some musicians came to play music, the local library had a stand and organised several quizes, etc...  The smell of the tent on the wet grass threw me right back to my childhood and similar neighbourhood activities or youth camp festivities.  For our kids, the playground was the main attraction. But we came in with 2 toddlers and went home with a tiger and a little monkey :p.
The parents enjoyed a nice beer and a pancake and simply sitting outside for a while, while watching all those kids run around happily and freely. Life can be nice and easy.


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