Leaving on vacation

Phewww time for vacation.  It's a bit absurd that I needed our get-away so much while I was still on an extended maternity leave at home. Nevertheless I had had too much on my mind lately that I felt really stressed. 

In between the doctor's visits for Kabouter, doctor's visits for Beertje who suffered from a bad cold and who had been refusing to breastfeed for a couple of days, Beertje's vaccinations, I had managed to pack our suitcases.

And so by the time Jan flew back from a week's work in the US, we were ready for some family vacation together, away from it all.
We first started off with a nice sushi dinner with friends, which you can read here at Yab. I still had some sushi catching up to do since my pregnancy :p.  Fortunately Kabouter's anti-fever medication had kicked in and he was ready to be back his cheerful self.

The next day our little frequent-traveller couldn't be more excited to go on a plane again. We left with his load of medication in carry-on but he didn't look ill anymore at all.  It was the first time for me that I was back in our national airport since the March 22 terror attacks and that felt quite emotional.   We first had to pass the ridiculous, ineffective pre-security check tests (where nobody was checked at all) before we could get into the main airport building.  One zone where one of the blasts was, was still hidden behind construction walls. It's hard to grasp how people died there at that spot where we so often walked by.

It was Beertje's first flight, 2 months younger than the first flight for his brother. Despite his cold he took it like a champion.  And so we arrived with 2 well behaved boys at the Greek island full of sun where we'd chill out for a week.


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