Be Nice

We all need to be nice to each other these days and future days. We need to hug each other more, be more empathic and express our love and understanding to the surrounding people, even if we don't share all the same opinions. It's only love that matters.

I had a different post scheduled for tonight but when our core values are once again under attack on such a symbolic day, all the rest seems trivial again.

Unfortunately terrorist news has become so routine already: after discovering my phone full of breaking news push messages that filled the screen overnight, I didn't need to see news emissions anymore or track the breaking news for hours. I knew what had happened and what was going to happen: grieving people gatherings, a minute of silence, politicians promising we'd not bow to terror and fear, interviews with survivors that ran for their life, new security measures announced.  I don't need to see the news to see it all pass in my head over and over.  Unfortunately it'll be not the last time either if our politicians fail to tackle the root causes in the Middle East.  Hopefully they will before my little boys are old enough to understand the images in the news.

So let's be nice to each other.


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