Count your blessings - delayed June 2016

  1. The view of a blue sky and the leaves of a palm tree above your head
  2. The smiling face of a little sandman
  3. Gorgeous sunsets 
  4. Finishing the final season of "House of cards" on Netflix. Wow, great series! 
  5. Holding your little baby for the first time in a big pool...cautiously, tenderly and watch the curious big eyes when he takes it all in.
  6. Informal dinners with friends without much hassle
  7. Napping whenever you feel like it at vacation
  8. The extensive Just Eat food delivery service possibilities in Leuven
  9. Being genuinely welcomed back at work
  10. An empty blue pool that splits open with your strokes and the coolness of wet hair

This post is a bit delayed and didn't meet publication in June anymore, probably because June has proven to be an emotional exhausting month with fortunately a great vacation break in between and with the love of the children as anti-depressant. 


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