Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kabouter conversations - June 2016

  • "Dat is niet erg, mama, dat is niet erg"  while he grabs my arm softly and looks at me very earnestly.  (It's not bad mommy, it's ok)

    "Dat is niet erg, koekjespasta"  to the cookie spread jar after dropping the lid on the floor

  • G: "You behaved very well this afternoon"
    K: "Ja, dank u wel hoor mama"

  • "Mama papa mijn dikke vriend. Beertje ook hoor. Mama Papa Kabouter en beertje allemaal dikke vriend."
    "Dat is een lieve broer Beertje hoor. Echt waar hoor."

  • "Jullie moeten buiten, dat is niet lief.  Hoor je, daar.  Wij willen ze niet"  (you have to be outside, that is not nice. There, do you hear. We don't want them)  : a conversation while waving the finger against some flies that should be at the garden door.

  • "Er zijn kruimeltjes op mouw, dat is niet erg mama, mama moet ze af doen, straks,  ja op de grond"

  • "het krabbelt een beetje"  whenever he's itchy

  • K: "ik ben een beetje boos"  (I'm a bit angry)
    G: "oei waarom ben je boos" (oh, why are you angry?)
    K: "ja, op dit spaghettietje"  (yes at this spaghetti)

  • He's talking to my big pink gym ball:  "nu moet je flink zijn hoor" (now you need to behave well)

  • In a facetime conversation with Jan in the US when he promises to bring a little present for him:  "Ja en een kadootje voor mama met giejaffen. En voor kabouter met poes en honden."  (hmm I never got that present with girafs)

  • "de locota(ta)tief"  : he's a huge Thomas the train fan and all the locomotifs

  • "kijk die gaan ook naar oma en opa"
    "stoute auto's, dat is niet lief, jullie mogen niet mee"
    (he's commenting on other cars on the street)

  • "Waar is de duif?  Waar is de vlieg? Waar is de slak?"(where's the pigeon, where's the fly, where is the snail?) : questions he asks me a few times each day as if I should track the whereabouts of some of our garden guests). 

  • "Wie is dat , mama? "  (who is that?) :  He waves to everyone on the street and when they respond he asks me this....

  • "'t is feest!!  happy birthday to you...(singing) " his response when we walk by a supermarket full of Belgian flags for the ongoing european championship soccer.

  • "We gaan nog niet naar huis, belange niet belange niet, ...": (we don't go home yet, not in a long time, not in a long time...  (a song)) : when we walk from the doctor's office to school and pass close-by home but don't go home.

  • "Jij bent een paddestoel"  (you are a mushroom/ fly agaric)   to Jan when he was spraying his sunscreen in big white dots on his body
  • "Hier wonen de papa's en daaaaar wonen de mama's" (the daddy's live here and the mommy's live over there) , when we walked by the public washrooms.

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