2 peas in a pot

the pictures of our 2 boys at daycare

Where there's one of the boys...there's usually the other one .  "Where is Beertje?" is a question we often hear. And if Beertje is whimsical, he cheers up if his brother comes to play nearby.  I usually don't have one baby on the lap, but it's either no children on my lap or there's both of them.

"Where's Beertje"? is a question Kabouter asks all the time.  "I need to take Beertje's hand". So far there is not much competition yet for the same toys (although there's been some brief moments of some jealousy already) so I'm enjoying this brotherhood for as long as it lasts.


yab said…
Cute! <3 <3
Tess said…
Oh zalig zeg die interactie!

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