Attic walls

Things are finally moving again at our attic : the walls of our tiny new bathroom have appeared (revealing it really will be tiny, but that's ok). If all goes according to plan, we should have a functional (yet not decorated/completed) bathroom in our attic! 

History of our attic:
At the end of 2012 we were on a roll to transform our attic in the Ardennes from a dark inaccessible uninhabited place to a functional attic: floors, insulation and windows. Then we lost our rhythm and when we tried to pick it up again, we were afraid that the structure wasn't ready for us to build rooms in the attic.  So after 2.5 years the floor got re├»nforced and this spring we got some extra windows as we finally agreed on how we'd try to build some small rooms in the space. 


Brian Miller said…
ah that will be fun once you get it put together.

is this where you will put all the future kids? are you sure one bathroom is enough? ha.

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