Fetes Medieval at Reinhardstein

Hidden in the woods of Ovifat is the renovated 14th century fortress Reinhardstein. While we've been there multiple times in all seasons, it was the first time we visited the yearly "Medieval festival" at the last weekend of July.

Kabouter was enthusiastic to go and visit a real castle in the woods with knights. As soon as we got out of the shuttle bus from the parking lot (at the ski hill of Ovifat) to the entrance road of the castle, the started to descend the little road with a lot of determination. He was quite proud to receive a festival entrance bracelet like his mom and dad.

At the entrance of the domain, we were already greeted by the falconer who had brought some falcons, owls and buzzards. Gorgeous animals, but as it wasn't exactly a bird show and the falconers were just talking and explaining, the little boy lost his interest fairly soon.

Since there was a rain shower, we went to visit the castle first. But the road was blocked first by 2 impressive knights. Fortunately we were allowed to climb further along the entry road. A group of Flemish history re-enactors were camping at the inner courtyard so Kabouter's random comments on all he could see, where patiently answered and he got to study the blacksmith's fire and the team's axes.

Inside we could see a weaving and cooking demonstration and look around at this renovated fortress. The displayed harnesses and the wildlife trofies on the wall impressed Kabouter. To some harnesses I had to yell "boo" to prove they were empty as they were quite scary to Kabouter. Unfortunately the rain had chased a lot of people inside and it became quite crowded while the other halls were only to be visited with a guide. As a result a long line of waiting people had formed and we didn't think it would be very interesting to the 2 little ones, so we left again. On the descend we had to hold Kabouter close as he was afraid of the waiting knights....yet then he gathered his courage to ask them whether he was Vicky the viking. Guess what, the guarding knight was his cousin!


When we walked by the artisan's craftman's market, I figured we were lucky Kabouter isn't in the age yet of wanting to buy stuff everywhere.  ...I was wrong. A little later there was a new blue jacket knight running around.

We watched a Viking fight demonstration , listened to some medieval music while having a snack and discovered another girl from Kabouter's daycare in the tent and a little later our plumber's family walked by! Ha, what are the odds. Clearly this was the place to be this weekend :p


Brian miller said…
Oh how much fun. The music and the Viking battle would have been so cool. Fun to run into friends as well.
yab said…
Moh, wat een stoere ridder!

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