Summer walk

It wasn't hot but there was enough summer to live outside for the weekend.  Beertje and I came late as we had first visited my dad on the other side of the country, but we found Jan at the BBQ and Kabouter and the neighbour boy amidst a lot of toys out at the deck while clearly the little pool and the sand box had been in use that afternoon.  Splendid!!

We gave our little house a well-deserved good cleaning on Sunday and then we treated ourselves with a short but lovely summer walk. The weeds are flowering again, the wild raspberries are almost good to eat, the birds were preying high up in the sky and the farmers were haying. Nothing extra-ordinary, but very enjoyable.

This picture should have the smell of fresh cut grass in the sun. Lovely summer smell!

This bird kept squeaking...very odd when preying. 

beautiful weeds

Beautiful little well-known village roads

"Hello cows, how are you doing?" he said. "It's a daddy cow because it's black."

There's the horse


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