My little boy is gorgeous
He is loved very much

also by the insects

but his body doesn't love them back. Kabouter has apparently inherited my easiness for allergies.  We try to prevent him from getting bitten all summer by applying each night anti mosquito roller and by using a anti mosquito (chemical) plug in his room very often (which I dread really).

But then we assume the risk is gone and we ease our habits

and BANG, our little boy is eaten again
and he's itchy
and he's swollen
and he's sad

and I feel bad :(

Because we believed his eye was swollen more tonight, we went to the doctor on duty despite knowing the response "it's an allergic reaction"  but hopefully the new sirop will help a bit better against the itch and swell


yab said…
Ocharme, het manneke.
Anonymous said…
Beterschap! Bij ons helpen Fenistyl druppeltjes goed. Dochter is eens naar school gegaan met twee ogen die bijna volledig dicht zaten. ("Ik kreeg van iedereen koekjes omdat ze medelijden met me hadden én ik moest niet meedoen met de turnles")
Goofball said…
@Anonymous: ja we gebruikten van vroeger al Fenistyl druppeltjes in zo'n geval. Maar nu hebben we iets straffer gekregen omdat zijn oog dikker kwam 's avonds, na hele dag Fenistyl + cortisonezalf.

Vanochtend nog even dicht, dus had koning eenoog naar school moeten sturen , maar gelukkig wa shet nu vanavond wel zichtbaar beter. Oef.
Unknown said…
What a terrible thing to happen to him. I'm so sorry that someone so little has to go through so much because of some dumb bugs. If it's mosquitoes, then think of using a mosquito net. But that won't keep other kinds of insects away; they'll come right under the net. Well, hope that he gets better really soon.

Betsy Collyer @ U.S. HealthWorks Santa Clara

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