Family day at work

Sunday was a busy day as we went to my work before the baptism for (half) a family day.   We gathered in our offices for breakfast and a tour of the offices. It was fun to see all of my colleagues with their families and see the children I've heard off so often during our lunches.

Kabouter got himself a cool glittering dino "tattoo" on his arm. 

After breakfast we crossed the street to Walibi, the big amusement park that are our 'neighbours'. After hearing the screams on the attractions all summer each time we open a window, we could go and check out the attractions ourselves.  Unfortunately the vast majority is not suited for little children, or wussies like me.  But we only had a 90 minutes for our visit, so given the waiting lines there wasn't much we could try out anyway.

So a tour on the wheel and a visit to the kiddies zone and a walk was sufficient before we had to leave to the next party :)


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