As summers should be

Now that Summer is totally over, and is fading to a far memory I miss her already
(although I don't hate Autumn as much anymore as I used to do).
I truly enjoy the little things that make summer summer
so easy going and relax.

These were things I've experienced previous summers should be:

Neighbour kids that come and play in the sand box.

An outside table full of full and empty glasses

A sliding door that is never closed

The eternal buzzing sound of lawn mowers in the valley or a leisure small plane flying over.

Dinner time is the clue for visiting kids to go home.

A sleeping baby in a big bag/pillow on the deck

Stripping a small dirty kid in the evening to drop him in the bath tub

A short 5 min shower with thick rain drops falling down, making the earth smell so fresh and alive

An evening walk in the dark in the sound of crickets

A blue sky crossed by a  plane line

The need for gazpacho

Outdoor lunches at work

Everytime you look out of the window, the ball or the bike or ... is in a different location in the grass

Picking own grown strawberries

A water gun fight

Free toes in open shoes
Less clothes to worry about

Sunglasses resting in my hair

A shower before bedtime to cool off

Bare feet touching the grass


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