Strolling at Antibes

On Saturday previous week, there was a strange bright yellow boll in a blue sky in the morning.  After 2 days of rain and storm, we found ourselves in a different world. Finally some sun that we had hoped to meet here in France.

While we had sufficiently been in traffic jams the day before (and since we heard the national tribute to the victims of the Nice terrorist attack, exactly 3 months before had been postponed by 1 day due to the storm the day before), we decided not to go anywhere by car, definitely not to Nice.   Instead we walked back to Antibes which we could now experience in a totally different atmosphere than the day before. The old fortified city at the coast looked very nice in stormy weather but was so much more enjoyable in the sun.

We walked along the fortified walls (where the knights lived according to Kabouter), walked to the harbour to admire some more yachts this weekend and then crossed town to visit the Mediterrean market. The town with little and bigger streets, little bistro's and stores, French cars parked bumper against bumper and scooters navigating through traffic, old town houses and squares with fountains, ...boasts everything there is to love about a French town and we didn't even visit any of the interesting musea there is to visit (hell no, it was sunny, why would go inside today!?) .  Instead we installed ourselves at a nice terrace where Kabouter could have his daily recurring order "pancakes please" and we could try out a glass of local wine while we watched the locals & tourist walk by.  Vacation at its best :)


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