Week of soloparenting with ups and downs

Jan is back  home after 8 days US.  The past week of solo-parenting has been challenging, because I'm suffering up and down from a cold which drains my energy to zero on some days , because I was running behind at work and because my time management with the 2 children isn't quite optimal yet.

Also because the little one got ill right before Jan had to leave (oh Murphy I hate you) and I had to run twice to the doctor and arrange care for him for 3 days. Beertje swung up and down depending on his fever and pain and the medications fixing those and his fatigue. Fortunately it improved entirely by the end of the week.

Kabouter joined in our family cold and was quite tired from school, so he had some difficult moments too but was mostly a sweetheart as always full of witty remarks.

But the week ended with a very nice evening out with 2 friends that I really don't see often enough.

And now our family is back complete, which feels really great :)


Tess said…
Het zal er dan toch altijd om doen! Goed gedaan :)
Goofball said…
@Tess: bedankt. 't was heftig en uitputtend. 'k lag in 't weekend sneller en meer in slaap dan Jan met zijn jetlag

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