Refuge in the Ardennes

While we were roofless in Leuven,
while Beertje was recovering from a bronchitis and an ear infection,
while I was recovering from some sort of zombie mode due to many sleepless nights,

I took some days off (quite ironic after 2 extended weekends already, no?) and took the children to go and rest in the Ardennes. It was my intention to spend some days on the sofa with a book or tv, but that's hard to achieve with 2 little children.  First of all, they are arrive full of energy each time we arrive over there, as they've just had a really good long nap in the car when I couldn't nap (dugh obviously).

While I didn't want to venture out with Beertje yet in the freezing cold, I found it challenging to keep Kabouter occupied all day in the house.  He seems to get quickly bored by something.
The 2nd day was better as we went for grocery shopping together, I had Kabouter help me a bit in the kitchen and we went for a freezing 30 minute walk where both kids returned asleep. Woohoo, peace & quiet ....and I noticed I didn't feel that need to nap so strongly anymore.  Slowly I started to catch up sleep again. On the 3rd day we all slept in and time started speeding up.

Those 3 days reenergized me in the way I really really needed it, but I was glad to return to our (still roofless) home and to Jan to get some adult conversations again. 


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