Sinterklaas comes first at the grandparents

It seems to be a trend that didn't exist when I was a child, but Sinterklaas apparently passes at all grandparents and leaves already some presents for all their grandchildren. A bit confusing that you need to go do a pick-up round across the country to collect a part of your wishlist if you ask me, but of course there's no children complaining when there are presents involved.  I guess it's modern logistics for Sinterklaas to spread some of the deliveries.

So first the Piets had climbed through a left-open window at my parents and spread out in the house some candy, a mouse car and a medical kit. 

At my parent in laws, the other grandchildren had already discovered and unboxed many presents but there was still a Paw Patrol control tower left that was clearly intended for Kabouter.  Beertje was more interested in his cousins toys and had the time of his life at the activity table while all other people seemed to be busy in testing out new toys.

It was also so remarkable to see the 2 youngest cousins together again.


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