Last week was all about Sinterklaas.  After the Holy Man had visited the grandparents, we prepared everything to set our shoes on Monday evening. We had made some drawings, we had bought fresh carrots for the horse and we also added an apple after we had seen that horses eat apples too.  Too my amusement, the apples and extra sugar were mostly parked around Kabouter's shoe :). 

Yet I don't think Kabouter is fully into the link yet of putting a shoe and the effect of getting presents the next day (since Sinterklaas seemed to have left him already everywhere presents, without putting a shoe or much effort).  So he went to bed quite easily and the next morning he was mainly concerned whether he could eat a banana for breakfast. I actually had to point to the pile of presents myself before he noticed anything strange in that corner of the room.   I bet that'll be different next year now.  The discovery of toys was a lot of fun though in a mixture of excitement and disbelief.

Beertje has missed the entire Sinterklaas process (even though he witnessed everything live) but I think that we've hit it with his presents though...right what he enjoys in his current development. 


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