My 2016 in review

January 2016

We enjoyed some snow fun in the Ardennes in one of our last trips there as a family of 3

February 2016

February was the waiting month.  Everything becomes a bit more difficult. We killed time with some crafts at home as I didn't venture out very far from Leuven anymore.

March 2016
There's only one month that really mattered last year, that changed our lives for better with the arrival of Beertje

April 2016

As if the arrival of a little baby brother wasn't enough change for Kabouter, he started school in April. 

May 2016

May brought us some nice first summer days that we enjoyed going back to the Ardennes more frequently after an absence of a few months. At the end of the month we also celebrated Beertje's arrival in a babyborrel party with lots of family and friends.

Unfortunately in May my dad also returned from Spain with a broken hip, which was the starts of months of medical worries and visits in hospitals and revalidation centers.

June 2016

The visits to hospitals became even more stressful and urgent when Kabouter fell and we had to make our first trip to the ER ever to get stitches.

Fortunately we could leave on a relaxing family vacation to Crete afterwards.

July 2016
The summer brought us whimsical weather. We spent some free time in the Ardennes where our attic bathroom started to take shape.

August 2016
August brought good improvements in my father's health and we prepared his return home after a bit more than 4 months. We enjoyed some more outdoor life in the Ardennes.

September 2016
We celebrated the first birthday and the baptism of my youngest nephew

October 2016

We enjoyed an extended weekend trip to Juan - Les-Pins at the CĂ´tes d'Azur in very whimsical weather, but we saw the sun before we left!

November 2016

At the start of November we completed the emptying of our attic and top floor, after which it started to rain for a couple of weeks.  But at the end of the month our big renovation works started after all: the upper floor + roof got demolished and reconstructed.

December 2016
We used our saved vacation days to escape the renovations at home and go visit Christmas markets, cocoon in the Ardennes or make a little nearby roadtrip.  Fun quality time with our small family. 


Jennifer Brown said…
Great summary to the year. Your boys are so beautiful and happy!


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