Every morning , around the time that my alarm clock starts playing, we hear the front door opening. Then there's noise of ladders being opened , material carried upstairs, people climbing on the scaffolding in front of our windows.  

After a break over Christmas and the new year, the renovation works have picked up again. We started the year with an insulated roof. In the mean time the south side has been tiled and has its window.  The floor of the 2nd floor has been renewed and walls on the 2 top floors are rising. The plumbing and electricity piping is prepared this week and the first walls are getting closed so we start feeling the "spaces" that have been recreated.

But I have to admit that I only climb up there once or twice a week and it's usually hard to see a lot in the darkness in the mornings and evenings.  It's good to see the progress but it's hard to think it'll still take many more weeks before we'll be able to move the boys into their new rooms....we'll have to continue to camp out together in our bedroom for now, which can be quite a challenge some nights. 

Unfortunately the renovations have invaded our living spaces as well as cables and tubes had to descend to the connections in the basement.  But they do their best to be as clean as you can be when drilling in the walls. 


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