Visiting Kabouter's godfather

This weekend it was time to visit Kabouter's godfather/uncle and Jan's godchild/nephew for New Year. Both kids were well asleep in the car from our drive from the Ardennes and needed some time to become social again but after a while they were smiling, talking and playing again.

The visibility of waiting presents made the children very eager to start reading their New Year's letters. Kabouter volunteered to go first and gave an excellent delivery of his "New Year's" letter. You'd almost think he was actually reading rather than reciting his memorized rhyme.   I guess he's seen other kids read their letters now a couple of time and adjusted his performance.
He got to unwrap the plane from Paw Patrol which he has been ordering for Sinterklaas now since 6 weeks...the lucky boy now doesn't have to wait 10 months anymore :). 

When it was time for his cousin to read his letter, Kabouter blurted out that we had bought a step as a present, hereby spoiling our surprise.  Our attempts to cover up, cause some doubt what was in the present failed:  Kabouter confirmed up to 3 times loudly to everyone that we had bought a step and his cousin's face was already smiling from ear to ear.  Oh well, he was happy and we've learned that little kabouter's can't keep secrets or surprises :D. 

The step had to be tested outdoors and in the mean time Beertje had all attention to test some new toys ...and to demonstrate to us all that he can climb a high staircase without any issue. 


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