Busy little bear

Oh what's on the table?  I must pull me up....oh let me get a look, what's that?  Oh what's that , there out of my reach. The remote, I must have the remote...
Let me stretch, on my toes, ...nope...let me move a little sideways, try again...nope
Ok, other side.
Mom, get out of your way with your knees, I have to pass, I have to pass, whieeeeeee,...
...ok, I passed, thank you, ok, now move to the other side of the table.  Ooooh a phone cable, yippeee, let's eat that.

Wheeeeeeeee, mom, don't spoil my fun, you always take that away, you are so mean.

What do you give me? A toy car?  Poooh, I don't want that, here's where I throw your stupid car.

oh what's that over there? There on the other side? I must crawl there to see. Let me pull up. This box has to move. Push push, ha, now we're getting somewhere, so, almost done, that box is out of the way. It's much better over there. Oh what's this on the floor? Is it a cookie?  Oh a piece of tissue, that's good enough, let's have a taste.
Hmm what's on tv? I'm going to see.

Wheeeee, mom, why do you always yell no, I just wanted to touch the tv. There's not enough of my handprints on the tv screen yet! No, no, no I don't open my mouth, no, don't take that piece of tissue out of my mouth.  Grmbllll, noo,..ok, I lost, you have the tissue back, happy now? No, I don't want my pacifier instead.
oooh you give me a ball. Balls are cool mom!   Yipeee, the ball,  I can throw a ball.  Look at it roll :), wheeeheeee.  Hahahaa, ok, now I'm chasing my ball. I can crawl really quickly . Look at me go! Rolllll . ...Thump thump thump...roollllll ....ok now crawling to the other side.....rolllll....oooh it's under the seat now, pooh.

Oh let's go and have a visit in the kitchen.  I'm climbing the stairs, I'm climbing the stairs, no let's go down one stair again, no up one, one down, climbing into the kitchen...haha, look I can crawl under the chair. Oops, I'm stuck. Wait, I've done this before...how do I get out of this mommy? Mommy? With my leg up here?  No that doesn't seem to work. Oh wait, on my belly, yesss, I can swim on my belly out of here again.   haha.

Pff if nobody joins me here in the kitchen, I come back to the living room. Slide down a stair, one more, almost there, slide...pat pat pat, I'm crawling towards you guys! Hey mom, you are sitting here, I'm pulling on your legs.

Cool, thanks for picking me up on your lap.  No no no, don't hold me, I don't intend to sit here, I must climb on that pillow, letttt meeee ...ok, yes, I'm free, I will climb this pillow. yeah yeah yeah, I can bang on the back of the seat, woooohooo, bang bang bang, ok now I must move to the other side again...mom sit still, I am almost there, I almost crossed your legs again, don't hold me ok, no, let me go...yes yes, I made it to the other side!
now I must slide down again, gotta go, have other things to do, bye mommy



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