Sunday morning routines

Sunday morning routines (if we are in Leuven in the weekend)

* Come down to the living room in our pyjama's (a very important feature of the weekend for Kabouter!!)

* A lazy breakfast

* Some tv before or/and after breakfast

* Extensive bathing and playing in the bath tub

* Texting the neighbours and agreeing on a timeline in order to get dressed and to gout of the door. 

* Getting out of the door and meeting up with the neighbours to walk to the Sunday market.

* 2 kids that want to walk free range at the market 

* Stopping at all the regular vendors: the cheese vendor, fruit and  vegetables where they want bananas, strawberries, ...the butcher where Kabouter begs for a meatball, the coffee vendor under which sign board Kabouter plays hide and seek, the candy stall where Kabouter begs to have a stop,...

* Returning and checking if there is room to sit for a drink in a friend's pub on our way back. Often already snacking some bread or fruit . 

* Walking or stepping back home for lunch


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