Beertje's baptism

Previous weekend it was finally Beertje's baptism.  The date was chosen in function of the availability of the godparents. When setting the date however, I hoped to feel some spring that weekend and to able to tour our guests around in our new enlarged home.  Neither of that happened.

We had to walk to the church through inclement rain but inside the church we could settle dry and wait for everyone to arrive. With 10 children present, there were always some little ones running around to crawl on the lap of mommy, daddy, grandpa or grandma or to go wave to an uncle or nephew or to go play with the booklets.  Sometimes it was a little hard to concentrate on the texts we had selected or the rituals that we'd perform, but fortunately the priest (and we) had a fairly relax approach so we were all going with the flow.

Beertje won't remember any of it, but I hope he'll receive the blessings and wishes we've pronounced for him and that he'd get all of our promised support to grow up and develop to a loving man.  His candle, lit from the Easter candle has found a new spot nearby his brother's baptism candle and our wedding candle.


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