An off day

Can I whine a bit about: 
  • The day started with Beertje sitting on the bathroom floor, rubbing his hands in a brownish paste....oh yes, it was the worst case!
  • At that moment Kabouter was screaming from his bed that he was awake and wanted out
  • At that moment the contractor rang the door bell(yesss, for once he was early, excellent timing in the middle of a bit of a crisis).
  • I felt exhausted even before the day started
  • In the morning confusion/ rush, Kabouter complained just before we finally got out of the door that his pants were so annoying, at which point I realised I had forgotten to put him underwear on. So we were running just a bit more late to get that fixed.
  • My computer that took half an hour to boot for some unknown reason
  • My stomac that felt very upset after an overdose of coffee
  • My team was understaffed on this vacation day
  • My stomac remained upset for the rest of the day
  • Beertjes intestines kept testing us for the rest of the day
  • Kabouter put his cup of apple juice on the little table unguarded after which Beertje of course had the opportunity to spill it all over him, the laptops, the floor and the table
  • Due to lot of road works and other construction in the neighbourhood there is hardly parking spots nearby so I had to walk far with the kids and bags to get home
  • I'm getting a headache

On a positive note,
  • The morning disaster could have been worse: I could have noticed it a few minutes later after which Beertje could have touched the walls and lots of objects
  • It was quiet in the office and my mailbox has no more scrollbar as I strive for
  • We have a new staircase!! 
  • I was early to pick up Kabouter on the last day of his camp only to observe him play nicely on the playground for a while before he noticed I was there
  • Jan came back home after a week of absence
  • I'm off to bed early. Bye


Leslie said…
Ah, brown paste!

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