Doe market

We live nearby a gorgeous historic Abbey site that I love to visit. It's the location where we got married and where our children got baptised.

Apart of an active abbey with a few remaining monks, the site is in full renovation and is getting new functions:  there is a religious museum, another new museum will open in the future, it hosts the Belgian offices of the "Aid to the Church in Need" organisation, ....   Next to all the religious activity, there is also a social biological farm De Wikke and since this year a DOE-Boerderij which offers educational active workshops related to farming. We were really excited to hear that such an organisation would settle "in our backyard" and would help us to create awareness for our children on the origin of our food and the importance of farming activities. And of course it's fun to have farm animals nearby. The project is started by my cousin and it's cool to see here idea become reality and grow.

This weekend they organised their 2nd DOE-market with a lot of local (biological) products: honey,  beer, vegetables, clothing, ecological soaps, gin, fruit juices, cakes, ... The big motivation for the children to go were the promised crepes that we had seen on the FB announcement.  But after the pancakes, the ice cream was tested with equal enthusiasm, while I enjoyed some local alcoholic drinks.  A little later, 4 other classmates of Kabouter were on site (ha, the advantages of a local neighbourhood school) and they quickly joined the ongoing straw throwing/rolling/jumping fest that was going on. The amount of straw that we could still pick from their clothes in the evening was proof of the fun they had.  At the same time it was fun for us to catch up again with my cousin and her family.

Only with loud protest of the children, we managed to go home again after a fun afternoon. 


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