Music Flashback : The final countdown

Some music immediately triggers a flashback down the memory lane and will forever be linked to some images, memories, events. 

When I was 10,  some of my friends and I felt quite big in school already. We were already in grade 4!!  We were too big to play games on the playground during recession. So we brought secretly a tape recorder to the school.  In the corner of the playground was a sheltered room as if it was an old garage without gate.  It was most of the time out of sight of the teachers that were on duty.  
In that garage we playbacked on the Final Countdown.

I think we were attracted by the hit, by the energy but I can't recall how we felt about the big haired lipstick wearing guys form Europe. I assume they were a "normal" eighties sight but we were also still a bit before the "music video" area, so the attraction from the song was mostly generated by the music alone.  It's now that I'm watching the video with great amusement. Gosh, how dated, how overacted, how funny.

Anyhow, I can't listen to Europe without seeing us in that garage corner of the playground with our portable tape recorder...dancing and playbacking.  Around us gathered the smaller kids that watched us in awe, while we danced in the illusion that the teachers had no clue what we were doing.  The illusion of doing something clandestine was even more cool.

When I hear the song now, I have to move and sing along again...shake my head and put a fist in the air while I'm convinced there are some backing vocals behind me.


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