Thanks for those that were glad I felt better. I did feel better yesterday as from: being in bed to getting dressed and resting a bit outside in the sun, enjoying the children playing around me. I was trying to eat again and was hopeful that another good night would energize me again.

But it wasn't a good night. The hours slept were counted with just a few fingers  and my body didn't appreciated the dinner eaten.

So I had to crawl back into bed from dizziness and I heard from the doctor that this weakness wouldn't be conquered back in 1 day.  Low blood pressure, dehydration, weight loss, high heart rhythm...the joyful aftermath of a weekend of stomac flu.

Ugh, so now I'm home alone with a whining baby and an energetic toddler in zombie mood.  Not quite the scenario I had in mind and I feel guilty for my colleague needing to take care for my absence.  Let's hope for a good night tough as a starter.


Leslie said…
Oh, no! Sending healing vibes your way.

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