Progress in that other attic

There was once again no progress in the renovations in our house in Leuven... we are still in the waiting mode for the delivery of our new doors and the staircase.

But... after 7 months of inactivity and broken promises and a discussion and new promises, works picked up again in the attic in the Ardennes.  Yep we are working on both attics at the moment! Since the construction of the bathroom last summer, the rest of the attic is now getting plaster walls, remaining insulation, plugs, lights and heating.  It'll be done in a week!! 

And then we'll need to paint, paint and paint ... somehow we'll need to manage with the kids around (or find a volunteer) because we need to move the children to their own bedroom to free up the guest room again. I'm really looking forward to the new bedroom and guest/play room it'll become!


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