An ambitious task

"I'm going to dig over there"  he says and then he walks off with his little bucket and his scoop.
10 meters from us he starts to dig with a serious face.

He lifts his filled scoop, looks around for a second and approaches the coastline.  With a big swing, he throws the sand in the sea and quickly runs back to his digging spot.   Without time to waste, he digs once more and throws some more sand in the sea.  And another time. And once more.

With his little legs, he runs back an forth, mumbling softly a tactical plan for his task and pointing now and then to the sand and the sea in front of him. His face shows a great level of concentration. There is work to do!  He wipes some sweat from his face with his sandy hands, leaving a sandy stripe in his face.  But he's digging another scoop already.

He pauzes and searches my face. He shows a big frown.

"Mommy, you have to come to help me throw sand in the sea."
I look around and see the magnitude of his chore.  He clearly needs some help with his ambitious task.

"Ok, I'll come and give you a hand."
"Thank you mommy"


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