Beach and pool life and some evening storms

The beach life in St Petersburg Beach was so great that I realised I really needed more of this. While this vacation was conceived as a mixture of roadtrip discovery and relax laziness, I clearly enjoyed the latter more.  We decided to rebook our hotel at the end of our trip : we cancelled our hotel where we stayed before at the outside of the Miami's suburbs where we would need to commute to any activity and we searched for a hotel at Miami Beach where I had some unfinished business. 

And in the mean time we practised building sand castles, filling the sea with sand (spoiler: we failed), eating sand, etc...
And we had to nap and read a book
And we had to swim and jump in the water, splash water, charm American kids and test goggles (for 1 minute, just long enough for 1 picture).

3 days of vacation that flew by

The days were hot, sunny and mosquito free!
And during dinner we were each time treated to an impressive thunderstorm, including downpours and some lightning/thunders closeby that made us jump up 5 cms in our chairs. 


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