City garden vegetables

"I didn't want these",   Kabouter whines when he discovers some mini tomatoes in his plate.
"Come on , you are going to taste them, they are from your own tomato plant",   I lied
"Aaaaaaah but those I like very much"  after which he enthousiastically tastes them
"Mmmm tomato juice"
(insert a hidden eye roll from myself)

Those tomatoes weren't exactly those out of own garden but soon we'll harvest some of our own. Much to my own surprise our little square meter garden is still flourishing (with the help of the neighbours who watered it dutifully during our vacation).  The mini cucumbers grow more into the size of a mini zucchini and fill our fridge regularly.  The other herbs are going wild and now we wait eagerly for our own little tomatoes to blush in the sun.

It's fun to be able to eat some of your own food...especially when it takes no more effort than giving it water regularly.

Just some lavenders died again...apparently I lose 5 of them each year. I don't understand why as I would belief they can manage some sun and some days with less water?  And the strawberry harvest isn't wonderful either as usual. 


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