Themepark craziness part I : Busch Gardens

Before we arrived in Orlando, we practiced our themepark routines first in Busch Gardens Tampa. The park combines zoo animals with thrilling rides for adults and a nice Sesame Street themed child-friendly area.  It didn't feel busy at all so we had a very enjoyable day out there, watching the animals on walks, train rides, etc...  and going on the child-friendly rides.  There were no waiting lines !! It's one of the SeaWorld parks, so you can buy an interesting combi-ticket with the Orlando Sea World park.
Top moment for Kabouter was the Elmo Rocks show featuring Cookie Monster dancing just a few meters in front of us! Both boys watched the show with great concentration. Unfortunately we could not meet Cookie Monster but meeting his new big friend Elmo and also Big Bird made up for that.  

More alligators

3 little monkeys

watching the Elmo Rocks show together

Meeting our new friends close-by!


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