Beertje's words part II

  • Miaaa                      :   miaaauw/ a cat
  • [Kabou]                   :  the start of his brother's name
  • Auw                         : our cup of cofee or oven plates (we teach him deliberately auw for anything hot he is not supposed to touch)
  • Paaa / Pprrffff (paard) : horse
  • Kaka                        : poo. Not a new word but now conciously and correctly used as an announcement in the middle of the action. It's also the physical toilet.
  • AutNNN / Auto       : car
  • Tuuutaa                    : riding with cars...apparently most of them have sirens
  • Krieeee                     : one of the sounds to indicate to me that he wants to drink (from me)
  • Uit                             : when he's done eating, he wants to be OUT of his high chair. he doesn't use the word a lot though, usually his screaming does the job. He only repeats "uit" confirmingly when we ask him what he wants.
  • Af                              : a dog
  • Ba                              : banana
  • Baw                           : a ball but also a tire or anything round
  • Boem                         : a flower
  • Bui                             : belly
  • Kwaakwaak/(Eén )  : a duck
  • Keppekeppekep       : a really cool sound. related to tickling? hugging? chickens? or nothing at all
  • Mui                           : mouse   (which is confusing because his "meuh" sounds the same and means cows or other cattle)
  • kep                             : chicken (and ducks too)
  • AWOOOO                 : he disappears and then pops-up his head, usually where he's not supposed to be and calls us with a big smile on his face "Awooooo". Or in the morning when his head pops-up above his bed with an enthousiastic "AWOOO"
  • Appelsss                     :appelsap (or a drink more general)
  • Vliegtuig                     : not a regular word but he's made a clear attempt to say the word plane
  • papa                            : since mama and papa are still exchangeable, this word at the breakfast table context indicates he wants more banana
  • Apo                              : granddad. it's not the first time he reverses sounds the first times he attempts new words     
  • Kaa                            : cheese
  • Edaaa(n)                    : finished/done
  • Op                              :  finished
  • Meh/Mih                   : milk
  • Bu                              : bus (so far only repeating when I've pointed one out first)
  • Drinkeh                     : a drink
  • Toeetaaa                    : a siren
  • Ap                              : A monkey
  • Hét                             : A deer

Here you can compare Kabouter's list at the exact same age.
This is part I of Beertje's words. 


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