Count my blessings - August 2017

  1. A good conversation with a friend with whom I had lost touch a bit
  2. Observing both children dancing to Bumba
  3. Playing shadow games with Kabouter in the park
  4. Empty woods
  5. 2 children that come running towards you, loudly laughing, when you come home and kneel and open your arms for a hug. 
  6. Planning new vacations
  7. Calmer times at work
  8. Some hot days at the end of summer after 10 days of depressing autumn
  9. Watering the plants on bare feet in the dark at 11 PM and enjoying the coolness that sets in after a hot day
  10. Friends that stay over for an ad hoc delivered dinner
  11. Playing with foam in the bathtub with Beertje

This is a monthly list of simple things in my life that make me happy or that make me smile.  
As the world often seems full of negativity and disaster, I want to pay attention to these small things that make me happy in my daily life and be grateful for them. You can find all of them via this link
I must honestly admit that it cost me more effort than usual this month to complete this list. Somehow last month was more filled with worries and fatigue than usual, but I did find my moments of joy. 


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