A vacation to relax in the sun

There are different types of vacation people: those that love to go sunbathing on a beach or at a pool, those that love to fill their time off actively with sport activities, those that want to discover remote nature,  those that seek cultural experiences, those that want to move around from place to place, ...

Personally I love a combination of most of them with the exception of sports (unless it's scuba diving).  Each year I love to have one or more city trips, a lazy vacation and a little more active vacation. 

During our roadtrip through Florida previous June, we already felt that we truly enjoyed our more lazy days with not much on the agenda. It seems that the recent years, with two little toddlers in our house that often keep us awake at night, our battle against fatigue and virusses is constant.  Therefore we were very much looking forward again to doing nothing...absolutely  nothing ...in the sun for more than 10 days just before the dark cold days would settle in.  Since we enjoyed our first fall vacation in Gran Canaria 3 years ago so much, we seem to seek a new tradition of sucking up some sun and resting. 

So from different views on the multiple pools, I've napped, I've read 1,5 books and I've Netflixed during Beertjes naps. We balanced it off with some swimming, splashing with the children and a daily walk to the village of Puerto de Mog├án. Exactly as planned.  And time flew by.


Jenn said…
Looks awesome! I agree love a both types of vacation.


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