I'm not a hipster: I don't sew my own/my kid's clothes

While I avoid the blogs that focus solely on sewing clothes, I do follow some that have an occasional sewing post. I ignore those posts quickly as I don't care for it. I don't get the fun of sewing. A lot of the created clothes don't even look cool (because they are often in a retro style that I don't care for either). 

Well, ok, I can get it at some level. I can rationally understand that it is fun to manually create something, to find a design, work on it and realise it. I can see how it brings creativity and the sense of fulfillment and additionally it enables more local trade, small scale economy which is a good thing. But since I can't even saw a button properly, it seems like an incredible hassle to me to attempt creating your own clothes. Where would I find the time and energy to search for patterns, fabrics, ...and execute the job? Why would I find that fun? Ugh, does that really saves time and money? And I'm convinced that it really wouldn't look good.

So no, I don't care for sewing at all and similarly I don't care for reading about patterns, fabrics, sawing machines.  It's great and good for other people but not me.


yab said…
My mother used to sew all my clothes when I was little. And I remember her always complaining about all the work it took and how she hated it. So I guess it was at that time that I decided never to sew anything in my live. ;-)

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