Puerto de Mogan: the harbour

"Puerto" de Mogàn, is the port of the inland town Mogàn so there is also a small harbour and the bottom of the town in the continuation of the beach boulevard.  2 years ago we had only visited the beach and we had been totally ignorant to the fact that the most beautiful part of Puerto de Mogàn was just a km further away.
The harbour quarter is a small pedestrian area developped in the 80ies.  While there is no authentic historic value, this part of town is extremely pittoresque.  There are all uniform 2-story white apartment houses (with some bars and restaurants at ground level) painted with a colorful line and bordered with a lot of flowers. Flowers are literally growing across bows above the street at some points. It's a very nice area to go visit during the sunset. I was just not entirely at ease to let the children walk at the port itself as there was no protective barrier at all shielding them off from the water. 


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