Christmas Day

On Christmas day we went to celebrate at my parents for a Christmas lunch.  While a month ago it was unclear if this would be possible due to my dad's rehabilitation, we were happy that it all got together and that we could all gather together for the first time since a long time. 

When the children arrived, the house filled up immediately with activity, running, screams and laughter. For the first time ever we attempted to make some posed family pictures, which isn't too easy with some distracted toddlers. They are not all the best quality but it's the first set of pictures of my parents with their grandchildren.  It's about time to have done this! While I take hundreds of pictures constantly, I tend to rarely ask groups of people to pose for a picture as I hate to take part in such artificial poses myself. 

We ate way too much - a true Christmas tradition - and opened some more gifts. We learned that the right foodwear is very important at the moment and that fake food is very cool. 
It turned out a Christmas that in November we could only hope for :).


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