Setting up the Christmas tree with Kabouter

It finally feels like Christmas at home! And that's a great feeling :-)

We had broken our promise to Kabouter to set the Christmas tree one week ago because we simply didn't have the energy.  When he gently asked a few times previous week whether we'd be able to do it this weekend, we had to make sure we did so. After all, we were only one week ahead of Christmas anymore and our little man was clearly looking forward to it a lot.

It took some more effort since we first had to create space by taking down the unused baby park  (oh gosh, another milestone), move some things to and from the garage. During Beertjes nap, we could get going and Kabouter helped with a lot of enthusiasm. The bottom branches of the tree got overloaded with decorations that I discretely had to redistribute a bit to create a more balanced tree :D.

The boys' Canadian Christmas socks, which we received in the previous years from my guest family, are back in their prime spot and an extra string of lights on top of the cabinets ads the finishing touch.


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