Time to cocoon

I was browsing through my pictures of November this week and I realised I had done many things I had not posted yet about: my training week in Danemark, a birthday party with friends, ...

I wonder why that was. There's been a lot going on in November why I didn't have time to write a lot of posts eg being in Danemark for a week,  having house guests, preparing the new #duwmee campaign for Mobile School,  preparing my dad's home return, ...

but most of all I seem to be with low energy for several weeks now. Beertje has not been sleeping through the night anymore, Kabouter had a mysterious day of fever with several days of "cheek pain", my digestion has failed me multiple times (thank goodness there's Immodium to keep going...or rather to stop going) and last week I got hit by a throat infection that kept me in bed for 3 days currently followed by a cold including ear pain. Fortunately my first panic about getting an ear infection seems to be exaggerated. Previous weeks I've been in bed multiple times in bed immediately after the children hit the night, but it didn't prevent me from falling ill this week.

In Facebook memories I see that in previous years we were always roadtripping along different Christmas markets and all I think right now is that I want to spend a relax day even though our agenda hasn't been too much filled lately.  Fortunately it is the time of the year to cocoon ...and to relax.


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