It's Carnaval!

Strictly Carnaval only starts this weekend, but Belgian schools are always closed in the carnaval week. As a result, schools celebrate Carnaval a week early and therefore you could see a lot of princesses, witches, batmans, cowboys, ... on their way to school last week.

In our house it was no different: Kabouter's school was entirely dressed up on Wednesday. He was not allowed to wear his loved spiderman suit as it had to be a 2-piece deguise so that the toddlers would be able to visit the toilet while wearing their jacket during the breaks.  Ugh...fortunately I read the instruction in time and we found a Ninja suit that he immediately fell in love with, even though he had already made a batman mask himself .  Oh well, as long as he can be super hero, he's happy.

Kabouter the Ninja

"Mega toby face paint"
Carnaval at school
Even though it's harder to see with all the jackets (it was freaking cold on Wednesday and yet some children weren't wearing their jacket because of their carnaval deguisement...brrrrrr!!!), the school playground was a colorful mix of dressed up adults and children. It was one of the mornings where I regretted leaving to work as it seemed so much fun to hang around a bit longer. 

Beertje the Lion

Of course we couldn't leave Beertje behind. As a result we've had a couple of days a adorable little lion running around in our house.


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