Made in Belgium: Tsar B

This week is "De week of eigen kweek" on StuBru , which means they play a full week non stop only Belgian music. I adore it!

On Monday morning in the car, I discovered right away a new name to me that intrigued me. Escalate was a new mesmerizing sound.  I googled Tsar_B a little later and I was much surprised to learn that the singer of the group is Justine Bourgois who used to be the violist of School is Cool. That band just doesn't stick out to me as much anymore as they used to do, since Justine migrated with her boyfriend to South-America (but clearly she moved back again).  And she's also the voice of the super top cover from Oscar and the Wolf's cover of "Back to black" which is absolutely fabulous !!

Sooo wooohoo for rediscovering Justine Bourgois in the Belgian music scene!


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