My Saturday in a plog

A plog is a diary post based on pictures taken throughout the day.  I'll take you on my Saturday in the Ardennes.  

I was fortunate that Jan got up first when the children woke up and I snoozed another half hour alone in the dark in my cosy warm bed while listening to the increasing sounds from the living room.
When I finally decided that I was sufficiently awake to face the others, I was greeted by a great concentration for a child cartoon on tv. Well I wasn't greeted at all.  Paw Patrol vs mommy...I know the pick order.

I received some cuddles though when I joined them on the sofa...while their eyes didn't miss a second of Paw Patrol. 

After breakfast we got ready to venture out to get some groceries.  "Venture" is a good word as our driveway was literally an ice rink that was hard to walk on without falling. When we had arrived on Friday night, I had made over 10 attempts to ascend our driveway in vain. I had slipped each time and slid back down. Finally Jan had taken the wheel and had managed to move up.  So it was clear I wasn't going to drive to the store: Jan received my car keys.  He descended the 50 m of ice slowly and in control, after which we could continue on the 100% snow- and ice free roads. 

We shopped for sufficient groceries and some other errands. The children know the routine and really enjoy shopping, running around with their little cart and explore specifically the toy section each week with great detail. 

Lunch time
At home we ate soup and left-over homemade pizza for lunch.  Then it was time for Beertje to nap and Kabouter got dressed to play outside. He wanted to skate on the driveway.  He helped his dad to check if we could improve the state of the driveway a bit.

Wall paper!
I wasn't in the mood for the ice wind outside, but got upstairs to start tackling the last bit of our attic still in need of renovation.  With some good music, I worked a couple of hours in a little corner of the attic on my knees to put glass fibre paper on the walls.

While working, I received some bad news on Skype which killed the super mood I was in, but I kept worked steady to keep distracted.   Jan took the children once more to the DIY store in the late afternoon to get me some extra supplies, just in time to finish my corner. It felt really rewarding to get the first part done.

When I descended, the children had made chocolate chips cookies. Train tracks had appeared across the entire floor, but those were neglected again for some screens. 

I treated myself on some appetizers before we had dinner together.

Bedtime and relaxing
After dinner it was quickly bedtime for the boys.   The routine included some goofing around in the bathroom when they were supposed to brush their teeth and let me chase them when they are supposed to change into their pyjama's. 

Finally they were in bed and I found some quiet time to soak in the bath tub and get all the sticky wall glue from my body.  I rarely ever take baths to relax but this time I really felt like one. 

I finished the day on the sofa with my laptop in front of usual.


Yab said…
Hopelijk was het slechte nieuws niet te erg...
Goofball said…
@Yab: Helaas wel

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