Snow fun with a day delay

After the national weather alert on Friday only delivered a miserable cm of snow and Kabouter had spent a day in his snow boots in vain at school, we drove up to the Ardennes to get some real snow fun.  While Jan was fighting of his angina in the sofa and Beertje was napping, Kabouter and I constructed 2 big snowmen. The snow was excellent for rolling big bolls.

We also constructed a wall to hide in a snow ball fight after which we had to test it.  The wall got later transformed to a bridge/ tunnel.

Beertje joined us while we were sledging on the drive way. The next day we created 2 more small leave a family of 4 snowman behind when we left back to Leuven.

Inside Jan and Kabouter had some winter fun by baking cupcakes together. Unfortunately for me they chose a chocolate chip dough.


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