Cancelled plans after a tough week

We were supposed to have Canadian friends staying over for the weekend. However they saw on my FB statusses that we were having a bit of a tough week after virusses invided our house.  I was fighting a big cold that gave me trouble to breath. I didn't feel ill but I was grasping for breath at some points and arriving at work like that, my colleagues wondered if I shouldn't return home. 

Similarly Beertje was sleeping badly since a week for some unknown reason...probably the same virus that gave him more difficulty to breath (and with hindsight that gave him pressure in his ears??)

On Tuesday Kabouter crashed with a whopping 39,7C fever which turned out to be an ear infection that peaked quickly but fortunately improved significantly after 24h. 

Jan returned from a week Scandinavia from work with a cold as well.

So while it was understandable that our guests wanted to avoid our virusses and while it was disappointing to see our plans cancelled, the freed up time without plans was also a bit welcoming to all of us to regain some energy without pressure. 

We used the time to catch up some household chores (bleh...I hate that!) and to try to make up our mind on vacation which seems impossible if you have no energy. 


yab said…
Jammer, maar misschien niet slecht dat jullie een beetje op het gemak konden recupereren van al die virussen.

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